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Crypto-Capital Markets:                                  The Race is On 

 Emerging crypto-assets, stablecoins and bitcoin are triggering a structural convergence across the Capital Markets sector. It is affecting Capital Management firms, Investment Banks, Private Equity, Exchanges, Custodians and Brokers.   


It is irreversible, and we can already predict the winners from the losers. The race toward Crypto-Capital Markets is getting interesting.  

Public Notions 

Are you watching for the signals to survive?

Every market has a set of levers, or economic truths that drives market behaviors. When these principals are used, companies can lead markets and accelerate business. Some call it growth hacking....

Bitcoin Gives Me Faith in the Future … and I’m not alone 


 Across the world, there is a question of trust.   

Assets disappear, currencies devalue, properties ceased, tax laws changed.  Even safe-haven bank deposits can be unilaterally gouged by negative interest rates. 

My financial future is being controlled by political forces which I object to. 


In this context, bitcoin and blockchain inspired marketplaces become attractive.  


The board approves millions for acquisitions… but you can’t get a penny to explore adjacent markets

Driven by the fear of missing out (called FOMO in Silicon Valley), executives pay exorbitant prices to buy into markets they have missed.   However,  data proves 65% of acquisitions have ultimately destroyed value!

Building trust with your buyer is not just the sales person’s job 

In every transaction, if a counterparty has an incentive to conceal information, the market is susceptible to information failure.  A result of asymmetrical information flows, buyers hesitate to transact. The business stalls and the market falters.   

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